“There is hardly any personal defect”, replied Anne, “which a agreeable manner might not gradually reconcile one to”.
“I think very differently”, answered Elizabeth, shortly; “an agreeable manner may set off handsome features, but can never alter plain ones”.


Mr Elliot was rational, discreet, polished,- but he was not open. There was never any burst of feeling, any warm,th of indignation or delight, at the evil or good of others. This, to Anne, was a decided imperfection. Her early impresions were incurable. She prized the frank, the open-hearted, the eager character beyond all others. Warmth and enthusiansm did captivate her still. She felt thet she could so much more depend upon the sincerity of those who sometimes looked or said a careless or a hasty thing, than of those whose presence of mind never varied, whose tongue never slipped.


“Poor Fanny! she would not have forgotten him so soon!”
“No,” replied Anee, in a low feeling voice. “That I can easily believe”.
“It was not in her nature. She doated on him”.
“It would not be the nature of any woman who truly loved.”

Persuasion. Jane Austen.


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